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The fascinating nature, impressive landscapes
and exciting encounters on journeys, all this would
only be half as beautiful without photography.


animals & plants


animals in costa rica, kites in wales, puffins, wildlife in the pantanal, plants & insects, birds of prey, gannets,

in the woods

italy - tuscany, norway - lofoten,

brasil - lençóis maranhenses, kyrgyzstan, uzbekistan, south greenland, iran, iceland, mongolia, united arab emirates, 

peru-bolivia-chile, landscapes

the leaning tower, swabian alb,
exotic house zoo karlsruhe, the jaguar,

kyrgyz food, mongolia


to my website. On the following pages I show pictures from experiences and encounters on journeys
and from trips with the camera into nature.

I say thank you for the numerous visits and am looking forward to your feedback.

Have fun browsing!


Christina Wilhelm

Thanks so much for your message!

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