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September 2016

south greenland

with Яхта Пётр I

In September 2016, a small Russian sailing yacht, Peter I, (Яхта Пётр I), set off on a voyage of discovery to the southern fjords of Greenland. I met the group, 7 enthusiastic photographers, from USA, HongKong, Belgium, England, Russia and Germany (me), in Copenhagen. There we spent the first night and flew the next morning to Kangerlussuag in East Greenland. Unfortunately our connecting flight to Narsasuag was cancelled and so we had to spend one night in Kangerlussuag. The next morning we flew to Narsarsuag, then by helicopter to Quaqortog and in the late afternoon again by helicopter to Nanortalik, where the sailing yacht Peter I was waiting for us. For 7 days we sailed from fjord to fjord, made shore excursions and enjoyed the northern lights, which shone above our heads every night.

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